Monteparadiso festival provides free camping to its visitors. If you plan to camp at Monteparadiso, please read this information.

Camping at Monteparadiso is completely free. The campsite is located on the green area next to the parking lot, in front of the building of DC Rojc (festival location).  Camping is provided by the organizers during the festival (03.08-06.08.2017.); by the end of the festival camping is not permitted within the plateau of DC Rojc. 

If you plan to camp at the festival, please be aware of the signs and rules that will be pointed for your safety.

Festival location, as well as the camping area are located in a residential area, and we note that it is forbidden to listen music loudly (because of the residents of the surrounding buildings), as well as making the barbecue or lighting any kind of fire.

Thank you for your understanding.
Note that you camp at your own risk. Do not leave your valuables unattended. Festival organizers are not responsible for loss, theft or damage to your belongings.