The 25th Monteparadiso Hardcore Punk Festival

The 25th Monteparadiso Hardcore Punk Festival
03rd, 04th and 05th of August 2017
Social Center Rojc
Pula, Croatia

We are more proud than ashamed (sorry) to announce, yes for real, the 25th edition of the Monteparadiso Hardcore Punk Festival!

The story begins in 1992 when a bunch of then kids squatted an abandoned fort called Casoni Vecchi in the neighborhood of Vidikovac (commonly known by older locals as “Monteparadiso”). The reason was the lack of cheap places where we could listen to hardcore punk without being hassled for not drinking at the bar. There was a war going on, there were no jobs, no industry or tourism like today, and because of that, there wasn’t money… but that wasn’t a great concern for us kids. Our purpose was about constructing a different reality. Of course, there were older generations of punx in town, but we had a different approach at the time.

The first small local festival took place in the summer of 1992 in the fort Casoni Vecchi, and that festival is reckoned as the first Monteparadiso Festival. Not to show off, but it must be said, we made something out of nothing and in a few years time our local festival became a quite well known spot on the international hardcore punk map. Since then, the Monteparadiso Festival, as well as our collective, became the driving force of our small, yet strong local hardcore punk scene. There were good and bad times, but the Monteparadiso festival has thrived and lived for all these years without any small festival complex nor ambitions and pretensions to become a large and commercial festival. It was what it was, and it is what it is.

In 1999 the Monteparadiso Collective moved from the fort Casoni Vecchi, where the attendance could reach 350 people maximum, into a larger place, the ex military barracks of Karlo Rojc known nowadays as the social center Rojc. So did the festival, but in 2001. On an annual basis, the festival takes place in the first weekend of August. So far, more than 250 bands from all over the world as well as quite a few generations of attendees and volunteers have taken part in helping Monteparadiso to become probably the longest-lasting DIY Hardcore Punk festival in Europe, possibly in the world. The festival stayed true to its initial concept ever since its launch. This is why you will have the chance to see some of the legendary bands from the international Hardcore Punk scene sharing the stage with promising young DIY bands, in our opinion, not less worthy of attention than their more experienced colleagues.

During all these years, we had people quitting jobs just to attend the festival, there are still people reckoning years from one Monteparadiso to the next Monteparadiso (also known as the
Punx New Year’s Eve), so there is really no good excuse for you not to come and celebrate with all of us the first quarter century of the Monteparadiso Festival!

More or less all the bands that ever played on the festival:

Aberka-Dub-R, Abnormal, Agent Attitude, Aggrenation, Agresija, AK 47, Aktivna Propaganda, Alergija, Ambonker, Anaeroba, Analena, Anti-Otpad, Antifrik, Antisect, Antitodor, Antitude, Apatridi, Argies, Arturo, Avskum, B.Z.R., Backstage, Bad Justice, Baka Yaro, Barney Gumble, Barrakuda, Bayonets, Because The Bean, Bez Panike, Black Gust, Blef, Bolesno Grinje, Bosonogo Djetinjstvo, Brain Blockade, Brat Pack, Brickheads, Brigade O.D., Brivido, Bud Spencer, Burial, Call the Cops, Carl Hunter, Center za dehumanizacijo, Chaos UK, Children Of Tehnology, Citizen Fish, Citizens Patrol, Cobra Jim, Concrete Worms, Core War, Corrosive, Crasso de Odio, Criple Bastards, Crude SS, Crunch, Culto del Cargo, Cunt, Czosnek, D.D.I., Danny Trejo, Dark Busters, Daša Fon Fl'aša, De Crew, Deafness By Noise, Debeli Precjednik, Declaration, Deep Cunt, Deer in the Headlights, Delirium tremens, Deratizator, Derkov Bois, Derozer, Desinence Mortification, DHB, Diesel Breath, Dishonest, Dishumanity, Dislike, Dizaster, DJ & the Nikolovsky klan, DJ & the Wootchyak, Doomsday, Đornata, E.N.D., Elvis Jackson, EMS, Enklava, Eu's Arse, Ewig Frost, Extinction of Mankind, Extreme Smoke 57, Fakofbolan, Feccia rossa, Final approach, Fizička nesposobnost, Fleas and lice, Fnc diverzant, Fojbon, Four flying dicks, Fregatura, Frekvencija, Frontalni udar, Fuckingham Palace, FUK, G.M. Experience, Green Moon Sparks, Gužva u Bajt, Hard Skin, Higher Justice, Hijos del pueblo, Homo homini lupus, Human Error, I Figli di Bruno Atomico, Impact, In-Sane, Inerdzia, Inner Terrestrials, Iskra, Conflict, K-15, Klasse Kriminale, Kolaps, Korova Milkbar, Kritična točka, Krvavi mandat, Kurwa Aparata, La Fraction, Lazarath, LB Radnički, Left For Dead, Link, Los Fastidios, Loš primjer, M.D.C., Malignant Tumour, Malo Morgen, Maltschicks Molodoi, Man made filth, Megabitch, Meinhof, Mercenary Cockroach, Mikrofonija, Minkions, Mob 47, Monkey Punk, Motherpig, Motus, Murder disco x, My Man Mike, Nabat, Nakot, Nihilizzm, Nitkovi, Nitro Injekzia, Nonsense, Not sorry, Nula, Nulla Osta, O.S.D.S., Odpisani, One Step Away, Overcharge, Overflow, P.R.S.O., Pasi, Pasmaters, Pavilionul 32, PCP, Pisschrist, Pizda Materna, Ponor, Poruka U Prazno, Pravny Smer, Proces, Produkt, Proletarijat, Protest Mozga, Pulski Gosti, Rabbia E Disperazione, Radikalna Promjena, Rattus, Rauschangriff, Raw Power, Razlog za, Reanimacija, Red Tape, Reflections Of Internal Rain, Reich und Schone, Restarts, Rost, Rudi Mentali, Scheisse Minnelli, Schizoid wiklers, Screaming Vagina, Scroupaletu, Scuffy Dogs, See You In Hell, Senata Fox, Sentence, Shin, Siberian Meat Grinder, Sick Crap, Sirup za iskasljevanje, Ska fuckers, Skew Whyff, Skitsystem, Skruigners, Slander, Social Chaos, Socijalna Sluzba, Sotatila, Speichelbroiss, Spermbirds, Spiridon Mekas Crust, Stratus, Stregesti, Subhumans, Tabularasa ,Tango Underground, Tank Warning Net, The 4 Sivits, The Welcomin’ Committee In Flames, This Side Up, Threat of Riot, Titos boys, Trashcat, Trn U Oku, Tutta forza, Uncurbed, Unfixed, Unutrasnja Emigracija, Vegethaiballs, Very Expensive Porno Movie, Visions Of War, Vitamin X, Vomit for Breakfast, Vox populi, Vrisak generacije, Warfare, Wasserdicht, Wiens No.1, Wolfbrigade, Worckers Oi!, Xaxaxa, Zaprti Oddelek, Zlotvori, Žmanjana dica